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At Orbitz, I worked with Product Managers and Engineers to enhance the flight booking experience. From usability sessions and call center visits to visual designs and prototyping, we dug into the nooks and crannies of consumer flight shopping. Beyond flights, I among a large team of talented designers to deliver a consistent experience amongst our various teams and travel booking experiences.

Optimized Flight Listings

Orbitz served a tremendous amount of traffic to flight shoppers. We took advantage of this by consistently testing small and large iterations to our flight booking experience. A/B and multivariate testing enabled us to make informed decisions on what made for a smooth shopping process.

Combinations to Boost Conversion

During our testing, we experimented with everything from button placement, to what datapoint should be present, all in an effort to drive up progression to the next step.

Play to Motivations

Flights are widely available so getting a great deal is key. Creating urgency and offering rewards were key programs in our testing.

Increase Hotel Bookings

During my tenure, one of Orbitz's key strategic points was to increase the booking of hotel nights. Orbitz was created by a group of airlines. We knew flight booking well. However, by focusing the company on more profitable hotel bookings, Orbitz aimed to satisfy consumer demand while also creating a healthier business. For the flight team, this meant we did a long series of tests throughout the purchase funnel pushing the benefits of booking flights and hotels together.

Drive Awareness Across the Experience

Turning a flight shopper into a hotel buyer isn't easy, but by raising awareness across the experience, we were able to see steady increases in out hotel add-ons.